About Us

Biz N Beyond

At Biz N Beyond, we pride ourselves in helping the community of entrepreneurs and businessmen achieve their end goals. We built this community for you guys to do this with like minded people. We are here to solely for you guys to connect, learn, and achieve because that’s what we built this company on. There are many other sites out there that just want to sell you stuff to sell you the overpriced “get rich quick” scheme. We are here to end this, with us you can learn all you need for free (we do have paid content but that is 100% optional if you want to do that). We offer you guys with tons of free content that will lead you to the path of success and we also provide you with cheap paid content that will be laid out simply for you and you can also have access to other premium features. But at the end of the day, we are here to help you achieve what you really want to achieve and connect with the people you need to connect with as well as learn what you need to learn in order to achieve that. You can create account with us today and get all of this for free!


Founder of Biz N Beyond

Michael Kantar:

My name is Michael and I was born, raised, and still living in Yonkers today. I built this community because of the simple fact that nowadays it’s impossible to learn what you need to learn about business for free, that’s why I built Biz N Beyond. I really hope we can continue to grow this community 0f like minded businessmen and entrepreneurs so everyone can learn and connect with people who share the same values as you do! Our goal is to build this to be the #1 community on the internet so everyone can connect, learn, and achieve together! If you have any questions, suggestions, or you just want to tell me something make sure to fill out our contact form on the “contact us” page.